About Us

Twinstone Hats has been dedicating to bringing you the best quality hats for over a decade and will continue to do so. Experience the difference between wearing a hat and wearing a TWINSTONE hat!

We now invite you to learn about who we are.

Twinstone Hats are manufactured here in the United States and go through a long process to ensure the best quality attainable.

At the moment we can serve you by providing the best in Fur Felts, Straw Hats, Charro Hats, Casual Hats, and Clothing. Our straw hats and fur felts range in a variety of qualities announced by the amount of “X’s” on the hats. The amount “X’s” determines the quality of the hat; just remember, the higher the amount of “X’s” the higher in quality the hat is. One thing to keep in mind is that you never have to worry because even the hat lowest in “X’s” will be handled with the care you expect and have the best material out there. Let Twinstone Hats show you the true meaning of the “X”! In clothing, you can find cowboy shirts, cowboy jeans, western suits, casual shirts, casual jeans and jackets. All of the clothing is made from great fabric and will surely last.

Don’t forget that Twinstone Hats is the brand used by everyone who cares about their hat! Artists like Ramon Ayala, Lorenzo de Monteclaro, Lalo Mora, and many more use only the best, they use TWINSTONE! Think, you too can use the best.

Our History

Rollstone Int’l Hats, Inc began its operations in 1995 and it was on 1997 that it was fully registered. The mission of the company was and is to provide people with durable quality headwear. Specializing in western wear products it developed the name Twinstone, a name which today embodies the mission of the company in the eyes of consumers.

The company in 1997 was a small shop with aspirations and dreams to become a leader in the industry. The shop started on Paramount, California renting a small location of 1,000 sq.ft., which at the time seemed like such a huge space to fill with goods for the industry. The company offered wholesale of straw hats with high quality straw, which at the time people were not offered easily. The only option before Rollstone was the multi-national company Stetson who offered their hats geared toward the American market in particular and did not consider the purchasing power of the Hispanic market. Then Rollstone Int’l Hats came along to supply that Hispanic market. In the beginning it was quite difficult because people did not know the Twinstone brand and the market had never been one sought after.

Even though he was shut off in the beginning, Mr. Quintero kept striking toward what his mind had been set to accomplish: a hat with the best quality at the best possible price for the market of the time. As time progressed Mr. Quintero held on through the hard ships by continuing to insist in stores to try the line. For a while it seemed like there was no helping it but the stores decided to finally try the line with a few hats and were astonished by the consumer’s response to it. It sold like hot chocolate on a cold rainy day! The stores began to believe in the product and by 1999, Rollstone Int’l Hats, Inc was no longer a single man operation.

The vision Mr. Quintero started two years earlier was becoming a bigger company advancing and gaining customers all over the state. Now it had a few more people in charge of dispatching and an operator receiving calls but the most noticeable improvement was the building of operations, which by then had grown double its size by combining the next-door building. Time continued and by 2002, Rollstone had grown a bigger customer base, which expanded through the western states of the USA, including customers in CA, OR, WA, NV, ID, AZ and CO. Its operation employed at the time 10 full-time employees and they were supplying over 300 stores in the west coast and some parts of the mid-west. The space required was not enough again and they outgrew the building and rented another 1,000 sq.ft. The company was slowly gaining acceptance by the customers and the country’s economy was flourishing and starting to come out of a downturn.

By 2004, space was very inconvenient and the company kept growing so Mr. Quintero decided to change the location of the company to a new part of the city but with a building of 10,000 sq.ft., which just like in the beginning, seemed like such a huge amount of space. The company at the time began to sell to the central states of the country, highlighting mainly TX, IL, MN, IN, OR and MI. It was in 2004 when the company made a major addition to the product line. Twinstone Hats would begin to manufacture Fur Felts, which at the time were not offered by the company. With the new addition of the fur felt manufacturing the company spun from a wholesale company to a manufacturing industry.

The fur felts took their time to be accepted by the consumers mainly because their requirements were strict and more demanding by the customers and stores all over the USA, but Mr. Quintero with his mission in mind decided to continue improving his Fur Felts just like the straw hats when he began. By 2006 the new warehousing space was once more not keeping up with the production of the fur felts and then another 5000 sq.ft., were added to store raw materials and slower moving items. The company kept continuously striving for improvement and more and more consumers were recognizing Twinstone as a hat of quality and durability. The sales of the company grew to new horizons and by this time it sold its products nationwide, highlighting stated such as GA, FL, NC, SC, VA, MD, NJ, NY, WV and TN. The name Twinstone was slowly but surely reaching more people and sales kept expanding to new places. By 2006 another major change occurred when the company began to market its clothing collection geared to ward the western industry. It included western cowboy shirts, cowboy jeans, and western suits. The company was becoming a little more diversified but always with its main line being headwear products.

By August 2008 Mr. Quintero moved to a new prime location next to major Freeways and with a space over 30,000 sq.ft. Today on 2009 Rollstone Int’l Hats, Inc generated over 25 jobs at its factory and has a sales force that includes the entire US. The products offered now are: Straw Hats, Fur Felts, Fashion Hats, Leisure Hats, Western Suits, Jeans, Leather Jackets, Traditional Mexican Guayaberas, and more. Rollstone has expanded its sales over the globe with new customers from Japan, Europe, and Mexico. The name Twinstone is becoming a world name product, showing Hispanic and American traditions to the world.

Little did Mr. Quintero know that his dream and his small company from 1995 would become a company at world level selling thousands of products a year and serving to millions of satisfied customers from its beginnings. Twinstone is a name that truly embodies Mr. Quintero’s mission to provide people with durable quality headwear.

To the stores that believed in Mr. Quintero, thank you for the opportunity to serve you and to the customers that have and keep supporting the company by purchasing Twinsotne products, we promise that we will keep improving our hats and never fall short of your standards.