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Can I customize my Fur Felt?
Our fur felts are handmade in U.S.A.
Because of this, they all come with a very personal touch but in case you want your fur felt a little more personal, we give the option of designing your own just the way you want it.

How do I customize my Fur Felt?
You can follow these steps to designing your very own Twinstone Fur Felt.
1. The Quality
Twinstone guarantees satisfaction with all qualities so whether you are looking for something economic or the very best, you won’t be disappointed.
2. The Color
Depending on the quality you choose, you will have a variety of colors available to you. So choose away from our wide selection to have a hat that matches best for the occasion.
3. The Brim
The next thing you need to decide is the brim length of your fur felt. Twinstone offers a variety of brim lengths from 3 to 4 1/2 inches & any length is sure to make an impression.
4. The Crown
The Crown of a fur felt is just as important as the color. You can choose between a standard crown such as the Cattleman or go for a more unique touch like a Gus crown.
5. The Band
Twinstone recently released brand new felt bands. You can choose something adventurous such as the Snow Creek or something subtle like the Gold Diamond. And of course, you can never go wrong with the original JR clasp.
6. The Flange
There is a flange shape for every cowboy available. Whether it is a classic open shape like a rancher flange or a narrower frame
like the New Mexico flange, each flange gives the hat a unique touch.
7. The Size
A fur felt should fit like a glove, neither too tight nor too loose. If you do not already know what size hat you need, just ask your Twinstone representative for assistance.

That’s not all! Contact your Twinstone representative to find out even more ways of customizing your fur felt such as getting a Whipstitch style or having your name imprinted on to the sweat band.

How long do these fur felts and straw hats last?
Twinstone felts are made from the best materials out there. We use quality fur and wool for all of our felt products. The life of a fur felt depends highly on the material it is made from and how well the user takes care of it. The higher the amount of beaver the longer it
will last. The higher the quality of a felt, the higher the amount of beaver it has, so buying a more expensive Twinstone hat does equal longer life spans. Wool hats do not last as long as beaver fur hats but they can last several years with proper care. It is also normal for all felts to lose hair and fade with time, especially if exposed to the elements frequently. A good fur felt that is well taken care of can last anywhere from 20 years to a lifetime.

Straw hats tends to have a much shorter lifespan. Of course, they could last a lifetime if worn only on occasion. If worn regularly, the hat will eventually crack, stain from sweat and gain dirt spots. This is because of the difference in materials.

How do I store my fur felt?
For the best storage results, you should consider purchasing a travel case. or keeping the box your hat came in if it had one. If you purchase any Twinstone felt 6X and above, it will come with a box for storage purposes. Keep all of the elements in the box for the best storage results. You should store fur felts and straw hats in the same manner.

Also, here’s a few tips on handling your fur felt:
1. Be careful not to handle the crown too much. The more pressure you apply on it, the more likely it is to lose its shape. You can get a crown reshaped like you can a brim, but it will most likely not look the same as when it was bought.

2. The felt brims are very sturdy but can lose their shape. Avoid taking your hat off by pressing on the brim. Instead, you can grab the front and back of your hat with yourfingers gently and pull the hat up. This method also works great when you are wearing light colored hats and have dirty hands. Another thing to keep in mind is setting down the felt. If you will be putting it down on a flat surface, make sure the top of the crown is touching the surface and the brim is at the top. This is will prevent the felt brim from becoming flat.

3. Felts react to heated and moist environments. Make sure to store your hat in a cool and dry room and try to avoid placing it next to windows and leaving it inside a hot car.

What do I do if my hat gets wet?
Twinstone fur felts will be okay if they get wet but wool felts and straw hats will have a hard time in the rain. None of the hats will be destroyed unless it has prolonged exposure to the rain. Wool and straw hats should be kept away from rain as much as possible.

If a felt becomes wet, turn down the sweat band and use it to stand the hat on a flat surface. If your sweat band is too wet to do this, place the hat on a hat base. Leave the hat to dry naturally until completely dry. Depending on how wet the felt got, this could take several days. DO NOT USE HEAT. Do not brush off any mud on the hat until it has dried on its own to avoid getting it in deeper in the fur. Once the hat has completely dried, you may use a felt sponge to gently brush counter-clockwise from the back of the hat to remove the excess dirt or dried mud.

Staw Hats:
If a straw hat gets wet, first dry off the excess water with a dry cloth by gently pressing and lifting the cloth. Try to avoid rubbing the cloth along the wet surface. Depending on how long it has been exposed to the rain the hat could stain more by rubbing. Like with a felt, turn down the sweat band and clean the surface gently. Hopefully, your straw hat was not exposed to too much water and did not permanently stain.

How do I clean my hat?
Cleaning a fur felt from normal wear is easily done with a soft bristle brush or a hat sponge. The sponges give better results and can be purchased almost anywhere that sells hats. Make sure to use one sponge or brush for dark colors and one for light colors or your felts will be stained. To clean the brim, grab the hat and start from the back of the crown and brush counter-clockwise from the inside to the outside. This will go with the nap of the felt and help to pull the dirt and loose hairs out of there easier. To clean the crown, you need to do the same thing. Brush away the dirt and hairs but you will be going from the front of the crown to the back.

Cleaning a straw hat is very simple. Grab a dry cloth and swipe it along the brim and crown to take off all the loose dust on the hat. For many this step does it and the hat is clean. If your hat is a little more dirty use a damp cloth (not dripping wet) to gently rub away stuck dirt.

If the fur felt or straw hats need things like reshaping or stain removal, it is highly recommended that you take it into a shop where a professional can do that for you.

Contact your Twinstone representative to find out even more ways of caring for your fur felt or straw hat. Also, ask about care tips for other hats like the palm leaf or even boots.

Do you have a printed catalogue with all your current products and information?
Yes, you can get one by contacting us. We also provide supplemental booklets containing our most up-to-date products.

How can I stay up-to-date with special event sales and new products?
You can sign up to our newsletter or call us for any other information.

What do the X’s mean?
The X’s represent different hat qualities. A lower amount of X’s means it’s a more economic hat while a higher amount of X’s represents a premium quality of hat. In fur felts, a higher quality means a higher percentage of beaver fur is used. For straw hats, the difference in quality is how much tighter and narrower the straw is.

Do you have or know the type of hat used by a certain celebrity?
While we might not have that information, you can submit a photograph and contact us through e-mail about it. We’ll do our best to help you customize a fur felt to suit your taste.

Do you have an outlet store?
We don’t have an outlet store but you can contact us to find a western store near you that carries our products. You can also visit Vaquerostore.com to make any online purchases.

Can I re-size my fur felt for a better fit?
There are a couple of things you can do when a fur felt doesn’t quite fit. If the felt is too small, we suggest taking it into a store that shapes hats. There, they can use a hat stretcher and stretch it between half a size up to one full size closer to your fit. Sometimes the hat may revert back to its old shape, with time.
If your hat is way too big, you can buy a bit of foam sizing tape to put under the sweat band. This will usually bring the hat down half a size to a whole size.