Store Tips

The Holidays!

Everyone knows that the Holidays tend to bring in some extra revenue. Well, why not increase the chances of drawing people in to the store? Here is an easy and creative way of doing it. On your “New Items” spot of the store or on the part where everyone from the outside can see, put up a slat wall so you can hang some hats. Here is the fun part, for Christmas, put up a few Twinstone Light Green Fur Felts in the shape of a Christmas tree! For Valentines make hearts with the Twinstone Red and Pink Fur Felts. With these details you are more likely to draw in a curious crowd. Once they are inside the store they may not end up buying the green or pink hats but they might buy a black Fur Felt, a Suit, and some Boots. Some might even compliment you for the creative hat wall on your entrance. The holidays bring in selling potential like no other day so don’t take the chance of missing out on sales for not being a little creative with your store.

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It's time to Give Thanks

It’s another year and another Thanksgiving is almost here! Have you done Black Friday sales in the past years? If not, consider starting. Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is one of the biggest buying days for many people. We have all heard the buzz about people sleeping in tents the day before a store opens but there are many people who do not like the lines. Many would love to have their local family-owned shops to have sales without the huge lines and people hitting them because it’s so crowded. However, if you are a small shop how can you let people know that you are having a Black Friday Sale? Well, there are a few ways. One is to utilize your local post office. The USPS has recently come up with a program called Every Door Direct Mail which allows you to send advertising to your local homes without having to get a permit which saves you around $350 or so. Another more economical way, but with less public, is to make posters or signs for your doors, windows, etc. Also, make flyers or postcards to give to every customer when they make a purchase inviting them to come back on Black Friday for incredible deals without the hassle of the lines. Twinstone has just begun their Print Services this year. We can help you in making posters, flyers, postcards and even booklets at affordable prices and quantities. If you need more information please contact a sales representative. Don’t miss out on the biggest day of the year for sales!

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A Place for New Items

Create a “New Items” spot in your store. We recommend putting this spot on top of the cashier or near the door or windows as most of your customers will always see that part of the store. This section needs to change every month without excuses. Here is another place where you have room to be creative. Put things that catch the eye and your best sellers as well as things that you might have unsold for a while. If you don’t want to spend on new items or inventory simply use the items you have had for a long time that have not sold because people don’t even know you have them. By having these items on a spot everyone sees you are creating higher chances for the item to be sold.

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AAA - All About Arrangement

Do you ever rearrange the items in your store? We recommend moving the arrangement of your store every month if possible. If you are unable to do that then we recommend switching the items in your racks every month. When customers keep seeing the same things over and over again they become bored and do not tend to bring in purchases for anything other than what they always see. By rearranging the store you create a brand new store for them every month and they will begin to buy the things that you put more visible. Make sure to rearrange the front of the store that faces the outside. In this section you can, for example, add some eye catching items like our Twinstone 10X Color Fur Felts or our 7X Fashion Boots. If a potential customer’s eye is caught by this, you are already one step closer to a new sale.

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