The Next Big Thing

Thank you for your interest in Twinstone Hats!

We truly appreciate every person in the Twinstone family and we want to reward you if you have great ideas! We belive that without our family members we wouldn’t be where we are today. Who forms a part of the Twinstone Family? Well, to put it simply, it’s everyone who is involved with the company. So, you are too even if its just by visiting our site.

So lets get to the Next Big Thing…
Here at Twinstone we pride ourselves in having some great customer input. Do you have the next big idea? Let us know!

Here is how it works:
1. Come up with an idea. This could be any kind of idea but the more meaningful it is and the more impact it makes, the better the reward. An idea could be something as little as an improvement suggestion for the site or a bigger thing like product ideas and innovations of that sort.

2. Submit your idea. So all ideas are good but we have to be selective and pick the best ideas to bring to life. You can submit as many ideas as you want. We get many ideas so make yours stand out and be as detailed as you can be. Submit your idea by emailing us at or by contacting us through our Contact page.

3. Wait for a response e-mail from us! Now that you have done all of the hard work, wait for a response e-mail which will let you know if your idea has been selected. The e-mail can take anywhere from 3-14 days. If it has been selected, we may ask for more input or clarification. In the event it is selected, now the rewards start coming your way! You could earn small stuff like posters or stickers, bigger stuff like banners, or even bigger things like Twinstone merchandise. No matter what you win physically, you will also be recognized for your idea here on our official site and in our facebook and twitter sites.

We wil be having contests on our facebook sites where people will get to vote for the best ideas and much more.

Be sure to check often because you Could be The Next Big Thing!