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Here at Twinstone Hats we have been dedicated to bringing you the best quality hats since 1995 and will gladly continue to do so in the future. We are a proud American family-owned and operated company dedicated to maintaining the authenticity of handcrafted fine fur felts.

Twinstone Hats are manufactured in Texas, USA and go through 15 inspection segments to ensure the best quality attainable. Learn more about our process here.

Let Twinstone Hats show you the true meaning of the “X”



We are the two sisters carrying on the legacy our father founded.

Ever since we were young, we grew up around hats. We learned the ins and outs of the business from our father and mentors and are proud to carry on this legacy.

Today, we train every employee ourselves to make sure that they put in the care and high standards we would if we were making the hats ourselves. We aren't afraid to get our hands dirty and help in the production line when necessary. We are always coming up with ideas on how to improve not just the product, but our assembly line and our employees' livelihood.

Sustainability and ethical practices are how our father built this company and how we continue to run it to this day. We pay a living wage and treat everyone that works with us with respect and dignity. Twinstone Hats is committed to serving our community.


Our company was born in 1995 along with an idea. The mission of the company was and still is to provide people with durable quality headwear. Specializing in western wear products we developed the name Twinstone, a name which today embodies our mission in the hearts of its users.


At its inception, Twinstone was a small shop with aspirations and dreams to become a leader in the industry. The initial shop was in a small location of 1,000 sq.ft. that has now grown to over 36,000 sq. ft. and sits in the heart of North Texas. Through perseverance, tenacity, and quality, Mr. Quintero (Founder) has proven to the world that a hat made with immaculate care should be the standard. These beliefs are still held today by his two daughters that carry on his legacy.


The company Mr. Quintero started many years earlier in that small space has become a renowned company advancing and gaining customers all over the nation. Today, it is still family-owned and operated, running under the same stringent standards. His daughters have now grown the company from being predominantly known in the local market to being known all over the world. Twinstone has expanded its sales over the globe with customers in Japan, Europe, and Mexico. The name Twinstone has become a world-name product, showing American traditions to the world. 

Little did Mr. Quintero know that his dream and his small company from 1995 would become a company selling in a worldwide platform with thousands of products and serving millions of satisfied customers since its inception. Twinstone is a name that truly embodies the mission to provide people with durable quality headwear.


To the retailers that believe in us, thank you for the opportunity to serve you, and to the people that have and keep supporting the company by purchasing Twinstone products, we promise that we will keep improving our hats and never fall short of your standards.

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