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AAA - All About Arrangement

Do you ever rearrange the items in your store? Read on to find out how rearranging your shop can help you get more sales.

Do you ever rearrange the items in your store?

We recommend moving the arrangement of your store every month if possible. If you are unable to do that, then we recommend switching the items in your racks every month. When customers keep seeing the same things over and over again they become bored and do not tend to bring in purchases for anything other than what they always see. By rearranging the store you create a brand new store for them every month and they will begin to buy the things that you put more visible. Make sure to rearrange the front of the store that faces the outside. In this section you can, for example, add some eye catching items like our Twinstone 10X Fur Felts in bright colors. If a potential customer’s eye is caught by this, you are already one step closer to a new sale.

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