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Here at Twinstone Hats we believe in making our customers the best quality hats by using high end materials, however, we also believe in making the world a better and safer place. We are taking steps to become a “greener” factory and hope to reduce our carbon footprint significantly. This page is dedicated to all that we are doing and all you can do to go green.


Help the world be a cleaner place for the future generations and conserve our planet.


We have switched out all of our lights to LED! Compared to traditional incandescent or compact fluorescent bulbs, LED bulbs use 75% less energy and can last more than three times as long. This will ultimately help to cut costs (by reducing the number of bulb replacements in a year) and reduce carbon footprint since LED bulbs are non-toxic and recyclable.


Smart power strips were specifically designed to help you waste less power.

Devices that are off but plugged into an outlet still draw power; this phenomenon is called phantom or standby power. Rather than relying on people to unplug all their gadgets, this smart power strip does the work for them by shutting off the power to products that are in standby mode.

Basically, set it, forget it, and save money.


We switched out our one-time use plastic water bottles for a water dispenser that utilizes reusable 5 gallon water jugs. Along with this change, we also implemented a Bring Your Own Reusable Bottle (BYORB) policy to maximize the benefits. We no longer see the half-drank bottles that no one finishes and we have the added benefit of reducing waste for the planet. Say goodbye to overflowing recycling bins, and hello to eco-friendly, healthy hydration!


Even in the warmer, summer months, it’s fairly common to see office personnel wearing sweatshirts and jackets. Instead of keeping the office as cold as the company fridge, we ask everyone to try starting air conditioning systems at 72 degrees. If your workplace is still comfortable at this level, try going up another degree or two. The higher your thermostat reads in the summer months, the more energy — and money — you’ll save in the long run. We also do an inverted version of this in the winter, ensuring everyone is comfortable, but being mindful of not being wasteful. Implement this at home and see the savings!


Believe it or not, fixing a leaky faucet or toilet could save up to 10% on the monthly water bill.


Consider this: a faucet that leaks about one drip per second can waste more than 3,000 gallons of clean water per year. Yup, it’s time to get a plumber.

While waiting, keep a bucket, pan, or some sort of container underneath the leaky faucet and use the excess to water the house/office’s plants.


This tip almost seems trivial given the digital age we now live in. From cloud storage services to digital invoicing, the need for paper and printers in the workplace has rapidly decreased. We diminished the need to print by switching most of our in-house operations to digital format only. All of our employees work in the cloud, removing the need for senseless printing and in the long run saving our environment. Not only does it save the planet, it also helps everyone be better organized and avoids clutter.


Our factory and office operates on a BYORB policy. Bringing your own reusable bottle, tumbler, or coffee mug to work is one of the easiest and healthiest eco-initiatives to institute in the office. Everyone's personalized mugs or special glasses are fun and almost a form of personal expression. In short, a BYORB policy encourages everyone to express themselves and stay hydrated at the same time. BYORB will not only reduce the plastic waste in the office but will encourage swapping out sugary canned drinks for something more hydrating. Remember you can also do a version of this at home.


In order to minimize our energy consumption and footprint, our entire factory has skylights installed that help us keep many lights from being turned on during the daytime. We still utilize lights in some areas but this has made a major change in our consumption.


If your office space is equipped with windows, keep the shades open during daylight hours. About 25% of the electricity consumed in the US is used to light office spaces. Cut your environmental and financial losses by opening the blinds and letting the natural daylight pour into your workplace. At home, open up windows to also save energy.

Twinstone users are going green!

Clear Lake
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We switched out all of our water troughs at the farm from manual to automatic which is helping us to conserve water, save money, and save the planet! It's basically our water dispenser hack!

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